Date Like a CEO:
Leadership in Life and Love for Men
By Nina Atwood

Date Like a CEO: Leadership in Life and Love For Men is available in eBook format only through as a Kindle book. You can download the Kindle app on any iPad device or eReader.

Smart Guys Learn How to Date Up!

This is what a few smart guys have to say about the book:

If you are searching for the woman of your dreams, Date Like a CEO will guide you there. And if you are fortunate enough to have already found the love of your life, this easy to read book will help enhance and protect the love you share. So many of us men make unhealthy choices and have diminished expectations in relationships of love. And find ourselves going around the same circles time and again; circles with big holes in the middle. It does not have to be that way. Read this book, and begin your journey toward love, happiness and connection at levels you've never imagined before.

- Joseph P. Urso, CEO of Aerus Holdings, LLC

If you are a single guy who always "dates down" or inadvertently picks damaged women to date, this book will change the way you look at dating and your expectations of what a great relationship should be. Date Like a CEO shows you how to avoid dating wounded girls who cannot deeply love, and how to attract a woman who wows you on every level. The story format makes it an easy fast read and will give you all the tools you need to date smart and find the love of your life.

- Ian Haynes, CEO of Vigil Systems

Date Like a CEO is different from other relationship "how to" books because it is an interestingly woven parable. Instead of chapter after chapter of "do's" and "don'ts" it is a story that teaches. After reading it, I am convinced that this is a book that should be read by every single man who is looking for a genuine, long lasting, loving relationship. However, I also recommend the book to women because there are many principles that apply to both genders, and it gives insight into the man's perspective in relationships. It is a relatively fast read because you are interested in what will happen on the next page. Not unexpectedly, it has a happy ending, but that is exactly what we are all looking for.

- George Williams, C.P.A. and advisor to small business owners

I am getting much better at choosing the right woman with whom to share my life as a direct result of Date Like a CEO. I have learned how to avoid relationships that zap my energy, and go nowhere. Thanks to this book, I am holding out for that very special woman about whom I can say "I really married up!" If you're serious about being highly successful at dating as a pathway to a great marriage, I highly recommend this book.

- Daniel Mueller, President of Solid Executive Partners

Can you break the pattern of dating damaged women?
Can you date someone beautiful, smart, and good for you?
Yes You Can!

If you're like most guys, you are baffled by today's dating world. Your parents probably didn't teach you what you need to know, and your friends are just as confused. It's time to learn what it means to be a leader in your own dating life, and how to stop dating women who drain your bank account and your emotions. You can break those bad patterns and learn new ones. The result is that you'll be able to fall in love with someone wonderful who wants you as much as you want her. You'll have the love you want by learning the secrets of dating from the perspective of the small business owner, the CEO who knows how to lead his team to achieve real goals. Leadership in life and love is the natural path for men, and it's time to claim your place on that pathway to a great love!

Read this life-changing story

Date Like a CEO is a parable – a story that teaches – a style that is engaging, never boring, and far more memorable. You will quickly be drawn into a fast-paced story with a character that is relatable, similar to bestselling books such as Patrick Lencioni's Five Dysfunctions of a Team and other parable style business books. As you follow the ups and downs of Brian, a single Everyman who won't stop until he's happily in love with the woman of his dreams, you'll see yourself in his painful attempts to find real love. You'll learn from his mistakes and, ultimately, transform your own dating life into a pathway to a happy marriage and fulfilling life.

About the Author

I have a unique background: over 25 years as a relationship expert, psychotherapist, author of three previous books on singles and dating, AND over ten years as a business coach to small and mid-sized company CEOs (for Vistage, a worldwide organization of private boards). I work with leaders every day and thus I am privy to the inside stories from the personal lives of successful guys who "married up" and who adore their wives. It is tremendously eye-opening to hear the love and pride when they speak about their wives, and it's taught me even more about what men look for in a lasting marriage. I know without a doubt how important it is for a man to choose well the partner with whom he will have children and share his life.

I am also granted inside knowledge of what it takes to succeed in business. Thus, this book is the marriage of leadership skills from business with what it takes to succeed in life because I see them as amazingly parallel. From the secret inside world of the hard-working, successful "main street" CEO you can now learn the secrets of your personal life success! If you're a guy who wants to date smart and find the love of his life, keep reading. Some of the things you'll get from this book:

  • Why relationships with women you have to rescue never work
  • The difference between rescuing and being a loving, supportive guy
  • How to stop trying to fix or change women who don't want to change
  • How to fix or move on from a relationship that's not working
  • The secrets to leadership in relationships, minus the control
  • The differences between men and women and how that affects your relationships
  • How to relish gender differences instead of feeling apologetic or pretending they don't exist
  • How to set goals for your love life that you can easily achieve
  • What a fabulous woman (i.e., not damaged) really wants from a man
  • The inside story from the C-suite on leadership that works in life and in business
  • How to date purposefully, with the fewest mistakes, on the path to success
  • How to date with integrity: the only path to a great relationship
  • How to find out in five dates or less if you're compatible
  • How to find out if she's too damaged to date
  • How to break up with the least amount of pain
  • The problem with "no strings" relationships and what to do about them
  • How to tell within a few dates if she's really emotionally available
  • When you meet "the one," how to dazzle her with courtship
  • How to build a foundation for lasting love

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